Features of an office move

No one wants to drag out an office move for several days, so anyone who has experienced this knows firsthand how important it is to organize it correctly. Each company wants to implement it as quickly as possible and meet the planned budget. When carrying out an office move, such conditions as efficiency, safety, and reliability of the vehicle must be observed. You should also properly pack furniture and equipment, which is not very easy.

You can carry out an office move with the help of your own forces or use the services of professional movers. The second option will be more profitable and faster, and you will save yourself and your employees from all the hassle associated with office relocation. Loaders can carry out the packing of the necessary things, their transportation and unloading in a predetermined time frame. In this case, you can not worry about the safety of furniture, as well as about the speed of its delivery.

5 rules of office relocation:

Inform employees. The main rule: the more structured the information, the less problems. Tell them when and where the move will take place, how everyone should prepare for it.
Make a time plan and strictly follow it. Designate the exact time for packing things by employees, loading and unloading, unpacking and assembling furniture, installing office equipment. This will help to control the progress of the move and quickly identify errors or difficulties.
Make a situational plan. First, you definitely need a plan for arranging furniture in a new place. For large-scale moves, it is advisable to divide the office space into zones, and those, in turn, into squares.
Packing and sorting things. Packaging is a whole science. Print special designation badges or buy stickers, stock up on wide tape, boxes, bags and multi-colored stickers. We glue all the bolts from tables, chairs and bedside tables in a bag to one of the parts of a piece of furniture. Cords from monitors, system units, printers and faxes are also signed with a sticker and wrapped with tape.
Label the property. Introduce a common marking system for all employees. To avoid confusion, professional movers offer the following scheme: department – employee’s full name – floor (zone) where his new workplace is located, – room (square) – workplace number. Do not forget to label common property – coolers, printers, hangers: they are often lost. Here the principle often works: common means no one.

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