The answer to this question depends on the pot you want to pack. A small saucepan for one serving of soup and a large cast iron saucepan require different packaging. Here are some tips for efficient and safe packaging of cooking pots for moving with

Choose your container wisely. Small and light pots can be packed in strong cardboard boxes. But heavier items may require a plastic container or other similar option.
Wrap the heaviest pans. Cookware made of cast iron and similar materials can easily break through the bottom of the box. To play it safe, wrap your heaviest items in packing blankets for added safety.

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Pack the lids separately. Of course, you can stick the lid to the pot with tape, but this method leaves sticky marks on the dishes. To reduce the chance of damage, pack lids separately from pots. Wrap each lid in bubble wrap and place it in the same container as the pot so nothing gets lost during the move.
Wrap the handles. Although pot handles are not the most vulnerable place, when moving, they can pierce a cardboard box. Wrap the handles with kitchen towels or other protective material.
Use what is at hand. Towels aren’t the only kitchen utensils you can use to wrap pots. Potholders, sponges, aprons are also great for protecting pots during a move.
Never stack unprotected pots one on top of the other. This saves space, but may result in scratches or dents when moved. Carefully wrap each pan individually, or place newspaper, bubble wrap, or a towel between them to prevent damage.

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