How to pack transported equipment correctly

How to pack transported equipment correctly

Everything is quite simple here. Each worker is given several cardboard boxes. The employee packs all the office equipment that he uses at his workplace. Be sure to sign which box contains the equipment, which contains the documents. It is best to mark packages with office equipment with the inscription “Do not turn over”. Common documents and archives can simply be sorted into boxes, numbered by year or number. This is done either by the employee responsible for office work, or by all employees together.

If a piece of office furniture is disassembled, then all disassembled parts are packed in cardboard boxes and signed. This is necessary in order not to waste too much time searching for details after the move.

Particular attention should be paid to the transportation of office utensils and various fragile items. All glass and ceramic items must be carefully wrapped in paper and packed in boxes. It is best to keep these boxes in sight during loading. They need to be loaded last. Be sure to make a note on the boxes that they should not be turned over and dropped.


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