Sign when moving: Pick up a brownie from an old apartment

Sign when moving: Pick up a brownie from an old apartment

Brownies are good spirits that protect people in their homes. It is believed that they are in every apartment. However, not all people notice the presence of such a neighbor.

When moving, it is recommended to take the brownie with you so that he can protect the new home. You can do this in different ways:

You need to put sweets in a box, while inviting the brownie to move with your family. It is left open overnight. In the morning, the box is carefully closed and transported to a new home.
Brownies love order, so you need to sweep the floor in the old apartment, collect the dust in a pile and throw it away. The broom should be left near the door on the floor. It is believed that the brownie will move with him to a new apartment. The broom must be transported separately from other things.
You need to invite a brownie to another apartment from the bottom of your heart. If a person does not believe in the existence of a good spirit, the ritual is not worth it.

Immediately after the move, you need to feed the brownie, tired during the trip. To do this, pour a little milk into a bowl, you can put something sweet next to it – an open bar of chocolate, candy. You need to put food where no one can get it (for example, on the refrigerator).

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