Stages of an apartment move

Properly organized process of apartment moving with allows you to carry out all the work quickly and efficiently. To do this, it is necessary to consistently perform the main stages of this activity.


Organizing a home move is a difficult task. However, a properly structured process allows you to make it more efficient and structured. To do this, work should be done in stages.

Attracting the required number of “working hands”. Depending on the amount of work, it is necessary to correctly calculate the forces and understand how many people will be required for a quick move. To do this, it is worth considering both the persons helping in the assembly of things, and the loaders, drivers.
Assembling things. This stage is considered one of the most important, as it involves high-quality packaging of the main property. Expensive and valuable things require special attention.
Loading property. First of all, all large-sized furniture is translated. Depending on its dimensions, it can be transported both assembled and disassembled. Then the rest of the stuff is loaded.
Unloading at a new facility. Things should be unloaded taking into account the free space in the new apartment, and also depending on how they are located in the car.

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