Steps to take on moving day

Before the arrival of the movers and the delivery of the car or the arrival of your friends and relatives, you need to get up, wash, have breakfast and get dressed. Carrying out this or that procedure, remove the things that you used in pre-prepared boxes or bags. We got up – put the bedding in a bag, washed ourselves – put everything in a box, etc.
By the time the car is delivered, absolutely all things must be packed, if you use the company’s packaging service, it makes sense to order movers and packers a little earlier than the car.
Check the car. It must be clean and completely enclosed.
The actual loading and unloading takes little time. All you have to do is keep an eye on everything. Usually furniture, large and heavy things are loaded first, then appliances, dishes, etc. Everything should be well fixed in the body, so as not to hang out when cornering.
Parsing things. You just have to pull yourself together and spread out everything. Maybe not perfect, just by category and room. Then you can still rearrange and shift something, establish an organization. But it’s better that everything is not perfect than to live for weeks (and some months) on boxes and suitcases.

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